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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

5 Simple Steps To Begin Cloth Diapering

Step 1
Choose a system:

  1. Pockets: Do you want to stuff diapers before use? Do you want the versatility to make it a nighttime diaper?
  2. All In Ones (AIO): Do you want the diaper ready to go straight out of the dryer? Do you mind having a diaper that most likely will not work at night? Will you line dry? Do you mind a diaper that takes a bit longer to dry?
  3. Prefolds or Flats and covers: Do you want a simple, no snaps, no elastic system? Do you need to save money and go the cheapest route? Will you travel a lot? Will you be in a foreign country? Will you be without a washer and/or dryer? Do you prefer an all natural fiber system?
  4. Hybrids: Do you want the option of using cloth and disposable inserts interchangeably?
  5. All In Twos (AI2): Do you want to change just the snap-in insert every change? Do you travel or camp often? Do you need to save space?
  6. Evaluate the size and shape of your baby 

Step 2

  1. One size: Do you want a diaper to last from 3-15 kg ? Do you plan on diapering more than one child at the same time?
  2. Sized: Do you want a snug fit? Do you prefer not to see rows of snaps? (many os have internal adjustments)

Step 3

  1. Wet pail: Do you like the idea of soaking diapers before washing? Are you okay with the potential risk it poses?
  2. Dry pail: Do you want to use an easy to open trash can with a pail liner?
  3. Wet bag: Do you want a bag you can travel with or leave at home? Do you want something you can zip up? Do you want a cute, stylish print?

Step 4
Where to buy:

  1. Online boutiques: Do you do all your shopping online? Do you want a one stop shop? Do you want to earn points/dollars/rewards for every dollar you spend?
  2. Brick and mortar store: Do you need to see and feel all the options? Do you want a face to face relationship with other like-minded people?
Step 5

  1. Is the detergent you are currently using safe for cloth diapers?

Once you have answered these major questions, you are ready to make a purchase!!
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