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Friday, 17 February 2017


Assalamualaikum and hi to all

Today, I wanna to share about skincare that suitable for Oily Skin or Combination Skin without acne

If you have these skin problems:
  • Oily in the T-zone, dry on the cheek and side of the face.
  • Open pores large / medium.
  • A lot of whitehead at forehead and blackhead at nose area
This set is suitable for you (see photo)
Comb. Acne Set
You can try this set. There are routine care of you skin

1.     Wash your face at least 2 times with COMB ACNE SOAP
Comb. Acne Soap
2.   Apply ESA LAVANDULA MIST TONER each time after washing your face. Shake well and pump 1-2 times on you palms and "dab" the whole face
ESA Lavandula Mist Toner
3.   At night, use 1 drop ESA GOLDEN JOJOBA FACE OIL. Warm it on your palm, and then dab entire face. Use face tissue to wipe excess oil.
ESA Golden Jojoba Face Oil
4.   On weekends, use PURE | CHOCO FACE MASK & SCRUB to remove excess blackhead and white head that still exist on your face. Before using a face mask, you are recommended to steam your face for 10 -15minit. Put some dry herbs on your hot water during steam face to soothe you face, minimize your pore size and slow down the growth of black head and white head

Besides that, you'll get 4 dry herbs samples and 1 sample FOOT SOAK or FACE MASK (your choice) for FREE

How to order:

Text us at number 0129817976 or
Direct purchase on our website or
Purchase this set at shopee

Thursday, 22 December 2016

PurebySafiyyahOsman at Sweet Luna Shop

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone

I'm very sorry for no update in this blog for so long. I've been busy with our routine work

Ok.... for now I'm going to tell you about new products in our store - PUREBYSAFIYYAHOSMAN

Who knows about this?

PurebySafiyyahOsman (PbySO) is a homemade skincare, body care and baby care products. It's made by the founder Safiyyah Osman. YES, homemade, made in Malaysia and of course muslim products!

Why PbySO is so much special? Why we carry this product??

Actually I was suffered by eczema since early 2015 (I've eczema history when I was in secondary school). My eczema flared locally on my face. It was so itchy and it worsen from day to day, month to month and a year. Sometimes it flared generalized all of my body.

I was see the doctor, took medication but i got side effect of the steroid. So I've decided to stop all the medication.

Until I told to my friends in our whatsapp group, one of my friend suggested to use PbySO. She said that she use this product because it's organic and cheap! WAH, it sounds interesting

So, I started search about PbySO, study about the products and finally I decided to buy Sens. Dry Set

My 1st Set PbySO : Sens. Dry Soap RM16, Mist Toner RM35, Face Oil RM36, Face Mask RM25 (Free sampel mask and stick) Total Price for this set RM112

There are my PbySO skincare set that I'm using until now! After tried this and consultation by the founder, my skin getting better and better. All my colleagues amazed with my skin and they were eager to try. My best friends in whatsapp group also wanna to try and they pushed me to sell so that they can get this products easily

It was started from them. After that, I decided to be a PbySO Stockist Kemaman area. Besides selling, PbySO provide free consultation and skincare routine guide to get excellent result while using this products. I'll make a single post for each PbySO products soon. 

Take a look a few photos of me before and after PbySO

Before PbySO

After PbySO

PbySO Effect


To purchase PbySO Products,

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Mamarief 2in1 Diaper


Dark Purple





Royal Blue

Sea Life



Soaker Set

Cover Features

Mamarief 2 in 1 cloth diaper has 3 X 4 rise setting adjusts to fit newborn, small, medium, large for baby size 2.7kgs until 15kgs

Double row snap allows separate leg and waist adjustment

Pocket openings in front and back make it easier to get the soaker in and out

Waterproof strip at the top edge of the diaper provides additional protection against leaks

An outer layer of breathable, waterpoof polyrethane laminated polyester (PUL) keeps wetness contained

Soaker Set Features

2 pieces soaker included in Mamarief soaker set.

Long fold over soaker consist of 1 layer hemp, 1 layer bamboo cotton and 1 layer bamboo velour on top of the soaker. It becomes 6 layers in total when folded.

Small soaker consist of 2 layers bamboo cotton and 1 layer bamboo velour on top as a booster or for newborn

Soaker snap into the top of Mamarief diaper cover (if desired) to keep them in place for mobile babies and toddlers.

You can log on to our website and make and order there or

Whatsapp / Telegram us at 0129817976 or

PM our Facebook Page

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Funky Fluff Athletic Wicking Jersey

Funky Fluff is always improve their cloth diaper's features to give satisfaction to their customers.

They launch their new system line which is Athletic Wicking Jersey (AWJ). What is AWJ?

Wicking jersey is a type of athletic wicking fabric. It is great for lining pocket diapers, all-in-two diapers and diaper covers, and also to make stay-dry inserts.
Wicking jersey pulls moisture away from the skin and into the absorbent part of the diaper.
Durable and easy to care for, quick to dry. Does not retain stains. This fabric is thinner than microfleece or suedecloth, has a soft silky feel, and will stretch across the width.
Available in Maritime, Sweet Coraline, and Kryptonite
Purchase your favourite Funky Fluff Wicking Jersey system here

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Jino Baby Cloth Diaper

Are you looking for the big size cloth diapers?

Do you have a toddler over 15kgs which is not fit on one one size cloth diaper anymore?

And yet, this toddler is super heavy wetter?

We have same problem with you guys. We are looking for big size cloth diaper comes with high absorbent insert but affordable price for so long!

And now, it is available in our store.

Jino Baby 3.0

Why 3.0? This is means that this diaper is 3rd generation cloth diaper that manufactured by Jino Baby. They have 1.0 and 2.0. We choose to bring 3.0 because we love the prints and features.

Size - wing tab longer than ordinary cloth diaper. This cloth diaper's height also longer than other cloth diaper

Inner - Orange suede inner which is thicker than ordinary suede. Double leg gusset as double protection from leak

Print - Half print and Half plain looks this diaper so cute

One size - FOUR point for size adjustment from M to XXL

Insert - 2 pieces 4 LAYERS BAMBOO FIBER INSERTS ( 2 layers bamboo fiber filled with 2 layers microfiber) able to hold so much pee. Great for night use!

Jino Baby 3.0 Prints
Jino Baby 3.0 Inner View

Jino Baby 3.0 Inner Close Up

Waist 13 inch

Height 15 inch
Jino Baby 3.0 Bamboo Fiber Insert with Snap Button

Let's see comparison size of Jino Baby 3.0 with other cloth diaper

Jino Baby VS Happy Flute AIO Bamboo Charcoal

Jino Baby VS Naughty Baby

Jino Baby 3.0 VS Pororo Pocket

Let's see how it fits our toddler, 4 years, 18kgs

Where to buy Jino Baby 3.0?

You can log on to our website and make and order there or

Whatsapp / Telegram us at 0129817976 or

Friday, 11 March 2016

Naughty Baby Cloth Diaper Review

We're start selling Naughty Baby cloth diapers in 2012. It's One Size Cloth Diaper with ordinary features :

  • Adjustable size from S to L
  • Approximately fit from baby 3 kgs until 15kgs
  • Stay dry inner as suede cloth is material of the cloth diaper's inner
  • 2 pieces microfiber insert inclusive in each cloth diaper
But, we are so proud after most of our customers really satisfied with this diaper. Let's read a few review from them:

"Baby is comfort while wearing Naughty Baby. I bought brand XXX, baby seems not comfortable with it" - Puan Liana
"It's really soft" - Puan Mashitah
"This cloth diaper is quite good. I can't wait to try them"
"Salam, I just wanna share, I just used this cloth diaper since my baby turns 1 month today. It's HIGH QUALITY but low price cloth diaper. I tried 1 insert, it last for 6 hours without leak. Baby also feels comfortable wearing this" - Aisyah
Naughty Baby in action!
If you want to try this cloth diaper, kindly direct purchase on our website here

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