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Thursday, 22 December 2016

PurebySafiyyahOsman at Sweet Luna Shop

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone

I'm very sorry for no update in this blog for so long. I've been busy with our routine work

Ok.... for now I'm going to tell you about new products in our store - PUREBYSAFIYYAHOSMAN

Who knows about this?

PurebySafiyyahOsman (PbySO) is a homemade skincare, body care and baby care products. It's made by the founder Safiyyah Osman. YES, homemade, made in Malaysia and of course muslim products!

Why PbySO is so much special? Why we carry this product??

Actually I was suffered by eczema since early 2015 (I've eczema history when I was in secondary school). My eczema flared locally on my face. It was so itchy and it worsen from day to day, month to month and a year. Sometimes it flared generalized all of my body.

I was see the doctor, took medication but i got side effect of the steroid. So I've decided to stop all the medication.

Until I told to my friends in our whatsapp group, one of my friend suggested to use PbySO. She said that she use this product because it's organic and cheap! WAH, it sounds interesting

So, I started search about PbySO, study about the products and finally I decided to buy Sens. Dry Set

My 1st Set PbySO : Sens. Dry Soap RM16, Mist Toner RM35, Face Oil RM36, Face Mask RM25 (Free sampel mask and stick) Total Price for this set RM112

There are my PbySO skincare set that I'm using until now! After tried this and consultation by the founder, my skin getting better and better. All my colleagues amazed with my skin and they were eager to try. My best friends in whatsapp group also wanna to try and they pushed me to sell so that they can get this products easily

It was started from them. After that, I decided to be a PbySO Stockist Kemaman area. Besides selling, PbySO provide free consultation and skincare routine guide to get excellent result while using this products. I'll make a single post for each PbySO products soon. 

Take a look a few photos of me before and after PbySO

Before PbySO

After PbySO

PbySO Effect


To purchase PbySO Products,

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