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Stripwash Cloth Diapers

Your baby’s cloth diapers have been working well for a while but start leaking after 1 to 2 hours. Sounds frustrating, right? If the diapers are repelling pee due to build-up, try doing a strip wash. Causes of build up? Too much detergent, insufficient rinsing, natural oils from fabrics and diaper cream.

Strip Wash Method 1: Use Hot Water

  1. Start with clean diapers (i.e. already washed and dried diapers)
  2. If you have a washing machine with temperature control, choose the 60 degree Celsius wash cycle. If not, you can soak your cloth diapers in hot water (around 60 degree Celsius)
  3. Use NO detergent
  4. Put the cloth diapers into the washing machine and run the cycle
  5. Add extra rinses until no more soap bubbles are present (Soap bubbles stay around longer than agitation bubbles.)
If Method 1 can’t remove the build-up, try Method 2.

Strip Wash Method 2: Use Dishwashing Liquid Detergent

  1. Start with clean diapers (i.e. already washed and dried diapers)
  2. Fill a pail halfway with warm/hot water (turn the shower tap to the hottest mode). Or add warm/hot water from a flask into the pail. (Recommended water temperature: at least 40 degree Celsius)
  3. Add a few squirts of dishwashing detergent. It's highly recommended to use organic dishwasher or detergent to avoid allergy on baby's bum especially for sensitive skin type). I use Shaklee Basic H2 for routine cloth diapers washing and Shaklee Hand Dishwash for stripwashing. Agitate.
  4. Place cloth diaper with build-up issue into the pail
  5. Wash the layer which is supposed to touch baby’s bums by rubbing fabric against fabric. Rub REALLY hard. (But DO NOT use a scrub.)
  6. For pocket diaper: turn it inside out and rub the inner layer too.
  7. Rinse at least 3 times until no more soap bubbles are present
  8. Throw the handwashed diapers into the washing machine for 1 more rinse. Spin dry. Hang dry.
Shaklee Basic H2 or Shaklee Hand Dish Wash

Try using the cloth diapers on baby. Hopefully, they start working again.
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