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Cloth Pads Tips

Never used chlorine bleach. It weakens the fibres and may ruin your pads. Oxygen soakers or enzyme sprays are good enough.

Never wash soiled pads in hot water, it will set the iron from your blood, making a permanent stain. 

Do not use fabric softener. It will make the fabric less absorbent and can lead to leaks.

If you have bothersome stains, try using sunlight to bleach your pads naturally. If this is not sufficient, or you don't have a place where you can discretely sun your pads, try using a small amount of an oxygen based cleaner such as Napisan Oxy Action, or your preferred equivalent.

A FEW drops of tea tree oil in the wash water can help disinfect and deodorize your pads.
Should your pads develop a musty smell from sitting in an enclosed space (like the bottom of your purse if you forget them for a few days....) you can use white vinegar in the wash water followed by an extra rinse to be sure all the vinegar is gone.

If you develop a yeast infection while using your pads it can contaminate the pads. Either tea tree oil or vinegar in some soaking water can help remove any potential stowaways. You can also sanitise your pads by giving them a second wash with very hot water (and tea tree or vinegar if desired) after you've washed any blood out. Canisten rinse, or similar, in your final rinse is also appropriate.

Hopefully these information will help you in using cloth pads. Enjoy!

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