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Cloth Pads And Liners FAQ

Why should I use cloth menstrual pads?
They are better than disposable in so many ways!  Some of our favourite reasons are that they:
  • Save you money!  Keep thousands of dollars in your pocket over the long run.
  • Are comfortable! Much more comfortable, in fact.
  • More attractive!  So many stylish fabrics and patterns.
  • Save you from the odor caused by the chemicals in disposables.
  • May reduce the duration and symptoms of your period!
  • Are better for the environment.  Throw away less garbage!
  • Are more skin friendly with less skin irritations and no sticky glue!

How many cloth pads do I need?

The best way to determine how many you need is to keep track of how many disposable pads you use in a day.  You will change them as often as you do disposables so you then need to decide how often you want to wash them.  Some people can get away with 6 and wash them every evening before bed.  Some people like to have enough for 2 days and wash every other day or enough for their whole period and only wash once a month.  Some people choose to have only day pads for ease of buying and others prefer liners for the start and end, night pads for night and day pads for the day.  How many you have depends on how often you want to wash as well as your most comfortable size and your budget.  Keep in mind that the more you have in rotation the less wear each one will receive so they will last you longer.

How many times do I need to change my pad in one day?
Typically, it’s just the same as when you use disposable pads. Change your pad to a clean one when it’s full or when you think you’ve used long hours enough. You can expect to use approximately the same quantity as you currently used or maybe less as our Cloth Pads last for longer hours averagely. For example, if you normally use 4-5 disposable pads(let say 2-3 maxi pads, 2 night pads) a day, we estimate you will use 2-3 Light Mist pad and 2 Medium Dew pad per day or maybe less. Most customers said that they normally use less 1 or 2 pcs of pads per day when they convert from disposable to cloth because it does not contain any harmful chemical and absorbent gels, menstrual flow will become less than usual which is very normal.

Will it leak?

If you use the right size for the right amount of time to suit your flow, it should not leak. Cloth pads usually are more absorbent than disposable pads because the capability of anti-bacterial absorbing up to four times its weight.
Most of cloth pads and liner are equipped with highly breathable PUL or PU coated Nylon to prevent leaks. However, if you wear a pad for too long, there may be blood wicking off the sides as the pad is full, but this hardly happen as most women will usually have changed to a clean pad soon before.
How do I change my pad when I'm out?
After use, fold in the top and the bottom of the pad, with the absorbent side face in. Keep the soiled pad in a small waterproofed bag, pouch or a pad wet bag which you can also purchase from us. Your pad will stay safely in the zipped waterproof bag until you can wash it at home. Generally, if the blood is dry up, it will probably stain. But stain can usually be removed by soaking the pads with detergent once you get home.

How do I wash and care for cloth pads?
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Can I use cloth pad or liner for incontinence?
Definitely! We’ve been using ourselves for this purpose also, especially during pregnancy. Liners and Light Pad / regular pads are most preferable for incontinence usage.
Are cloth and liner suitable during pregnancy and for postnatal use?

Of course! Throughout pregnancy, you may have increasing amount of discharge due to hormone, making liners and pads essential. Snowdrop Maternity Pad is more comfortable and soft against tender perineum (compared to using sticky disposable pads that are rough to skin). They designed their Maternity Pad specifically to last up to 7 hours for easy handling and less frequent of changing.
Snowdrop Maternity Package

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