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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Bamboo Insert

Heavy Bamboo Fleece Insert Long

- Consist of 2-layer 100% Heavy Bamboo Fleece
Size : 5" X 28"- Highly breathable
- Can be folded to become 4 layer
- Fast drying compared to old version- Anti-bacterial
- Can be used directly on baby's skin

Why Heavy Bamboo Fleece:
- 2 x heavier than bamboo fleece
- weight 400gm/yard compared to 168gm/yard ordinary bamboo
- absorbent 2x more compared ordinary bamboo
- Worth for night diapering, outing and heavy wetter kids

Price :

1 PIECE RM 15.00

3 PIECES RM40.00


10 PIECES RM130 

Review of Heavy Bamboo Fleece Insert

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