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Friday, 15 March 2013

Bamboolite Panty Liners

Specially designed for Everyday or Light-days use
 Absorbent yet barely there, staying hidden under anything you wear!

Get about your daily activities with BambooLite Panty Liners. A lighter,thinner and mini sized pad specially designed to be used to keep you feeling dry and comfortable, so as protect your underwear from staining. Great as everyday liner, menstrual pad during light flow day and backup for tampons to catch any leakage. At 17cm long, just a decent size as daily liner, staying hidden under anything you wear!


Wear the super soft minky layer(solid colour) next to your skin while the printed side of the pad touches your underwear. Simply place the pad in your underwear and fasten flaps together underneath with the Snap.


Cloth pads can be washed easily by hand or in the washing machine. 
You may soak them in cold water for 30 minutes before washing. Most of the blood comes out in the soaking process. After that, it’s just like washing your clothes.


Approximately (17.0cm) long and (6.0cm-7.5cm) wide when snapped, adjustable snap settings.


Top Layer: 1 Minky Topped (1st layer close to skin).
Absorbent Layer: 1 Hidden bamboo/cotton layer (2nd layer) sewn to the top layer of the pad.
Waterproof Layer: 1 Hidden breathable PUL as 3rd layer.
Bottom Layer: 1 Decorative Cotton layer as backing.

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