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Monday, 19 August 2013

5 Benefits Of Soy Protein For The Body

1. Acts as a Substitute for Meat Protein

Soy protein is a viable substitution for the protein normally gained by eating meats. While meat is normally associated with fat content, soy protein is not. Also, soy protein contains all the amino acids gained from eating meat, which are an important part of reducing fat and maintaining healthy muscles . These amino acids are also an integral part of insulin production in the body.

2. Soy Protein Helps Reduce LDL Cholesterol

The FDA has shown that a diet which includes at least 4 servings of soy protein each day plays a part in reducing the bad cholesterol, known as LDL cholesterol, by up to 10%. On the same note, the good cholesterol, HDL cholesterol is not reduced by adding the 4 servings of soy protein each day. Studies have shown that soy protein attacks the plasma in LDL cholesterol while not affecting HDL cholesterol in any way.

3. Soy Protein Reduces the Risk Of Heart Disease

As mentioned, soy protein does not reduce the amount of HDL cholesterol at all, but it does reduce the bad kind, LDL cholesterol. Doctors say a drop of 1% in cholesterol amounts works out to about a 2% drop in the risk of heart disease. The health benefits of this alone makes a strong case for adding soy protein to the diet. Including soy protein in the diet on a regular basis will continue to lower cholesterol over time, producing healthier veins, blood flow and a healthier heart.

4. Soy Protein Helps Make Other Food More Effective

Because of the amino acids found in soy protein products, such as tofu and soy milk, other foods that enter the body are able to be used more effectively and processed into energy. There are a number of amino acids we can only obtain from food sources and soy protein contains many of these which allows us to get the full benefits from other foods.

5. Soy Protein Helps Reduce Other Risks

It is believed that soy protein can also help in reducing other health related risks, some of which are very serious. Soy protein aids in reducing the risk of getting colon cancer, prostate cancer and even osteoporoses.

The FDA, in October of 1999 released a study that showed how soy protein can help reduce the risk of heart disease. This was done by reviewing information from 27 clinical studies which proved the cholesterol reducing benefits of soy protein.

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