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Saturday, 14 March 2015

Happy Flute Bamboo Velour Fitted

Happy Flute Bamboo Velour Fitted made of absorbent bamboo velour. It has a contour shape similar to a disposable diaper, with elastic or gathered edges at the legs and back to contain messes. They are fastened with snaps 

Used alone, Happy Flute Bamboo Velour fitted cloth diapers are not water-proof, so they must be combined with a waterproof cover. Since waterproof covers do not allow for airflow, some parents choose to use their fitted diapers without covers when they are at home. Fitted cloth diapers are easier to use than pre-folds, so they are great for active babies and toddlers. Most fitteds are expensive but Happy Flute Bamboo Velour Fitted is more cheaper that other fitted with the same quality.

Fitted Diaper is the best diaper for night time use!

Inside fitted
Total 8 layers fitted : 1 layer bamboo velour, 5 layers bamboo fleece, 2 layers microfiber

Price :

1 piece RM41.00
3 pieces RM120.00
5 pieces RM195.00
10 pieces RM380.00

Click link below to purchase:
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