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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

How To Use Happy Flute Cover

WI received so many question regarding how to use Happy Flute OS Cover. And not forget question why only selling cover without insert.

In this post, I'll show you a few type of insert that can be used with OS Cover.

When you talk about cloth diaper cover, it's normally a cover without lining of fabric and no pocket to stuff an insert. You just can smply lying the insert on the cover. Please bare in mind that not all type of insert can touch baby's bum. Microfiber cannot direct contact to baby's skin. Why? Please refer to the picture below.

These a few example how to use this cover

This picture shows bamboo charcoal insert lay on Happy Flute OS Cover. Bamboo Charcoal is consider natural fabric that works as antibacterial and antifungal and help to reduce diaper rash. So you can use bamboo charcoal insert against your baby's bum. Bamboo charcoal is stay dry some more. It will make your baby feels dry and comfortable

This is bamboo cotton insert. Bamboo cotton is an organic insert and of course it can be direct to baby's bum. Bamboo cotton can absorb more water rather than bamboo charcoal. This type of insert suitable for heavy wetter. It also naturally antibacteria and antifungal. However this insert is not stay dry. Some babies don't bother about this (like my kids) but some babies cannot. So you may need liner that stay dry to comfort your baby.

Hemp can be used with this cover but hemp cannot stand alone since it absorbent quite slower than other insert but can hold more water. If you worry about bulkiness, it will not happen when you use hemp because the thin insert keep your diaper looks trim and slim.

Besides that, Happy Flute One Size Cover can be use to wrap a fitted. As we know, fitted diaper is non waterproof, so it need a cover to avoid leak. Many people like to use fitted and cover for night use.
This type of diaper is my favorite since my kids tend to heavy wetter on night. If you don't want to change diaper in the middle of the night, this is the best solution for you.

There are Happy Flute One Size Cover that available in our store. You can purchase them at our website or text me 0129817976 (telegram / whatsapp)

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