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Wednesday, 16 September 2015


Do you prepare newborn clothes for your new coming baby? You know that newborn is very fast growing. He / she could wear newborn clothes is about 1 or 2 weeks only. But, you still buy a few newborn shirts for them right? Do you think that preparing newborn shirts for your baby is a waste? Of cause you say no because you can keep the shirts for your next baby after all. And you must say that your baby should wear clothes that fit to his / her size.

So why most people said preparing newborn cd is a waste? I don't see the point here. If you can prepare newborn clothes for your baby, why not to prepare cloth diapers too? People always say like this:

"it is a waste because i only can use it about one or two month". 

"It's better for me to buy one size cd only and started cloth diapering my baby after that".

Let's we do some calculation about using disposable diapers vs cloth diapers to see which is one is waste?

For a newborn normally use 20 pieces diapers a day

  • Price of 1 piece disposable diaper RM0.80
  • 1 day you will spend about RM16.00
  • 1 month, RM16.00 X 30 days = RM480.00
  • 2 month, RM480 X 2 = RM960.00

Now we calculate newborn cloth diapers expenses
Let say 1 piece newborn cd is  RM30.00, and you bought 40 pieces

RM30.00 X 40 pieces = RM1,200
You use them about 2 month, after that you keep you newborn cd for your next baby.
Or you also can resell them as preloved items. You know what, preloved newborn is a high demand item. You can simply advertise on your social media wall, and I can bet you'll get the buyer.

If you resell your preloved newborn cd, how much you'll earn?
Let say you put the preloved cd price is RM15.00 X 40 pieces = RM600
So, you actually spend about RM600 for your newborn cd. Do you think it is still a waste?
How about spending RM960.00 and you just simply throw them away? Just think about it

There are many ways to wear newborn cloth diapers. The most favorite styles are all in one (AIO) and prefold / flat diaper and cover.

AIO is easy to handle, you don't need to stuff an insert because insert is sewn in the cd.

Another style is prefold / flat with cover. This style is very cost effective. You may spend less covers but plenty of prefold / flat because you can change the prefold and reused the cover as long as it's not dirty.

Prefold + cover

Oh ya, please take note that a newborn baby is always need newborn cloth diapers. No such thing wearing one size cd to your newborn. As you can see at the photo above, newborn cd size is smaller than one size cd. Do you like to see a bulkiness on your newborn bum? If you don't mind about that, you can use one size cd for your newborn. If not, please consider to spend newborn cloth diapers for your loved one.

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