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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Zorb II Inserts

Our Zorb II insert is back

Zorb II Insert

Size : 14" X 5"
2 layers zorb II dimples
Suit to most of one size cloth diapers
Organic material, can direct contact to baby's skin. No harm for sensitive skin type

Material :
Face and back :70% bamboo viscose , 30% organic cotton
Filling material : Propietary mixture of hydrating and wicking fiber

Solution to heavy wetter

The same absorbency, as 2 layer of Zorb:
8 layers of flannel
6 layers of French terry
5 layers of cotton fleece
4 layers of sherpa.

Testimonial of our Zorb II insert

Product of Mamarief

1 piece RM 18.00
3 pieces RM 48.00
5 pieces RM75.00
10 pieces RM140.00

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