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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Funky Fluff 2.0 Bamboo Diaper System

Pre Order Funky Fluff
Pre Order Closed 30th November 2014
Half payment is need
ETA 3 weeks after pre order closed

Normal Price : RM95.00
Pre Order Price : RM83.00

Product Description

FUNKY FLUFF Bamboo diapers were designed for parents who want incredible absorbency and natural fibers against their baby’s skin. Bamboo is very sustainable and environmentally friendly. Its crop grows quickly and requires little maintenance. Fabrics made from bamboo are especially soft and have great ventilation. They keep babies comfortable and cool. Bamboo is also one of the most absorbent fabrics available for cloth diapers.

Design Features:

  • NEW: Slimmer design in the middle of diaper shell for a trimmer fit
  • Bamboo 3 in 1 System: Pocket, All in One, All in Two. Use it any way you like it.
  • One Size design fits babies from 7 – 35+ lbs
  • 2 x 4 rise settings adjust to fit newborn, small, medium and large sizes
  • Unique funky coloured “belt” on each diaper
  • Double row of durable snaps allow separate waist and leg adjustment
  • Cross over snaps give a great newborn fit and also function as a tidy storage option for soiled diapers on the go. Roll it up and snap closed until wash day.
  • Hip snaps help to prevent “wing droop”
  • Stretchy & soft around legs and waist 
  • Pocket opening in the front and back make it easier to get the soaker in and out
  • Waterproof strip at the top edge of the diaper provides additional protection against leaks
  • An outer layer of breathable, waterproof polyurethane laminated polyester (PUL) keeps wetness contained
  • Diaper lining consists of bamboo terry material made from 80% bamboo viscose and 20% polyester.

Bamboo Soaker Features:

  • NEW: Slimmer soaker design fits perfectly in the Funky Fluff diaper shell
  • NEW: Double stitched edges around soaker reinforce and extend durability
  • Each FUNKY FLUFF diaper system comes with 2 unique soakers!
  • Our light, smaller soaker, consisting of 4 layers of bamboo blend terry, can be used in the newborn and/or small rise setting. It can also function as a booster for overnight and for older babies
  • Also included is our heavy duty, super absorbent soaker consisting of 5 layers of bamboo blend terry
  • The heavy duty soaker can be folded at the crease line and used in a newborn and/or small setting for heavy wetters if the light soaker is not enough. For maximum absorbency, the soaker can be placed with the folded portion at the top of the diaper for boys and with the folded portion at the bottom for girls
  • Our soakers snap into the top and/or bottom of the diaper shell (if desired) to keep them in place for mobile babies and toddlers and when snapped in at both ends create an All In One system
  • FUNKY FLUFF soakers have the ability to agitate out in the wash on their own (when snapped at one end of the diaper) eliminating pulling out soiled soakers by hand. No more touching wet and dirty soakers!
  • The soakers may also stay attached to the diaper while in the wash (although at times they do separate from the shell). You’ll spend less time sorting laundry with this feature.
  • Each soaker is made from bamboo terry material that consists of 80% bamboo viscose and 20% polyester. 

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