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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Insert Sock


Microfiber is a highly absorband fabric. Because of this, it is commonly use as cloth diaper's insert or soaker. However, It is cannot directly contact to baby's skin. It is because microfiber will absorb natural moisture of baby's skin and resulted drynes and redness.

If you want to use AI2 style or cover style using microfiber insert, please put it into sock to not harm your baby's bum!

Material: Bamboo Velour
Size : 6' X 15' ( approximately 3 pieces inserts can be put in)

1 piece RM12.00
Pack of 3 RM33.00
Pack of 5 RM50.00
Pack of 10 RM95.00

Put your microfiber insert into sock ( this is sample only. Color in this photo is not available anymore)

Lay on your cd cover. Use for AI2 style
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